Emerge Collection

The Emerge Collection is inspired by the idea of growth and evolution: from a simple form, a more complex construction arises, like flowers blooming in the spring. A plate of silver is the foundation of each ring; out of which a flower - represented by a beautifully cut stone - arises, surrounded by silver leaves and flower buds

Emerge Peridot II

Emerge Topaz III

Emerge Topaz IV

Emerge Amethyst

Emerge Pyrope

Emerge Prehnite (sold out)

Emerge Topaz (sold out)

Emerge Topaz II (sold out)

Emerge Peridot (sold out)

Emerge Pearl (sold out)

Emerge Citrine (sold out)

Emerge Pearl II (sold out)

Emerge Sapphire (sold out)

Peridot II

Topaz III

Topaz IV



Prehnite - sold out

Topaz - sold out

Topaz II - sold out

Peridot - sold out

Pearl - sold out

Citrine - sold out

Pearl II - sold out

Sapphire - sold out