Emerge Collection

The Emerge Collection is inspired by the idea of growth and evolution: from a simple form, a more complex construction arises, like flowers blooming in the spring. A plate of silver is the foundation of each ring; out of which a flower - represented by a beautifully cut stone - arises, surrounded by silver leaves and flower buds

Emerge Topaz IV

Emerge Amethyst

Emerge Pyrope

Emerge Dark - sold out

Emerge Peridot II - sold out

Emerge Topaz III - reserved

Emerge Topaz - sold out

Emerge Topaz II - sold out

Emerge Peridot - sold out

Emerge Pearl - sold out

Emerge Citrine - sold out

Emerge Pearl II - sold out

Topaz IV


Emerge Sapphire - sold out

Emerge Prehnite - sold out


Dark - sold out

Peridot II - sold out

Topaz III - reserved

Topaz - sold out

Topaz II - sold out

Peridot - sold out

Pearl - sold out

Citrine - sold out

Pearl II - sold out

Sapphire - sold out

Prehnite - sold out